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Our Story

Inspired to act with impact, we’ll empower you to increase capability and ignite innovation throughout your organisation. We believe in collaboration, connection and creative thinking; pooling expertise from around the world and pursuing positive change for all.

Our People

At TGD, we don't have titles – we have teams.

Great ideas can grow from anywhere. The clarity of roles, and who helms each position, is driven by the needs of each individual project.

Profile of Chloe Sterland
Chloe Sterland
Chloe is an experienced human-centred designer, with a deep understanding of product, service and social design.
Profile of David Ireland
David Ireland
David is an experienced entrepreneur, innovator, and investor and is on a mission to create a better tomorrow.
Profile of Jasmin Ward
Jasmin Ward
Jasmin is an entrepreneur, experienced facilitator and strategic advisor across industry and startup sectors.
Profile of Ky Snyder
Ky Snyder
Ky is a designer with several years experience across multiple disciplines, well versed in frameworks for innovation and solving systemic problems.
Profile of Nick Sabulis
Nick Sabulis
Nick is an accomplished designer with a diverse skillset in industrial, communication and visual design.
Profile of Nicole Gemlitski
Nicole Gemlitski
Trained in industrial design, Nicole takes a user-centred approach to design and research, exceling in visually presenting complex issues and research via comprehensive her visual communication skills.
Profile of Paul Barnett
Paul Barnett
Paul is an entrepreneur, strategic advisor and impact designer with experience in research, government and industry.
Profile of Rachel Stevens
Rachel Stevens
Rachel is an experienced product, service and communications designer with experience across research and government sectors.
Profile of Roberto Persivale
Roberto Persivale
Roberto is a versatile systems thinker with business model innovation expertise across government, industry, and startup sectors.
Profile of Sara Pateraki
Sara Pateraki
Sara is an experienced service designer with a background in social innovation and a drive to create meaningful and inclusive experiences for people.
Profile of Scott Needham
Scott Needham
Scott is deeply experienced in early stage commercialisation, product design, and managing complex programs.
Profile of Sebastian Tan Castillo
Sebastian Tan Castillo
Sebastian is a well rounded designer with a strong background in product design and visual communication.
Profile of Cayetana Martinez
Cayetana Martinez

Cayetana is an innovation consultant, business strategist and agile coach. 

Profile of Julie Barte
Julie Barte

Julie is our accomplished, expert communicator and administrator, making sure the business runs effectively day to day and works to build our enduring business processes.

How we work


With impact

With diversity

With vision

With purpose

Our Network

At TGD, we're all about...

People over process

We partner with people, not organisations. We focus on understanding your challenges 
and working together in a way that’s best for you. Every situation is unique: there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here.

Story-makers, not story-tellers

Don’t just take our word for it. We demonstrate the value of what we do through the impact of what we create, rather than talking in concept and theory.

Turning insight into action

Ideas without action have zero impact. We focus on identifying the most valuable opportunities and making them a reality as quickly 
as possible.

Collaborative thinking

Our global network of experts enables us to ensure the right people are on the right projects, while giving us the flexibility to scale relative to a project's needs.


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