Modern Slavery Policy

At The Growth Drivers Pty Ltd (TGD) we pride ourselves on our reputation for acting with integrity and honesty wherever we do business. TGD is committed to a zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery. Our reputation is built on our values as a company, the professionalism of our employees and our collective commitment to acting with integrity, accountability and transparency at all times.


Modern Slavery is an ongoing issue worldwide. Modern Slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. In any of its various forms, it constitutes practices which deprive individuals of their liberty in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (“The Act”) requires some entities to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains, and actions they have taken to address those risks. Because of its size this obligation does not apply to TGD, but consistent with our values and ethos we make the following commitments. In this policy, Modern Slavery has the meaning given to it in The Act.


TGD will seek to prevent Modern Slavery by:

  • Providing training to all its staff so that they understand what Modern Slavery is and are aware of incidents and practices that present a risk of Modern Slavery.
  • Ensuring that all its staff know what to do if they perceive a risk of Modern Slavery in its supply chain.
  • Ensuring that any of its suppliers who are providing services directly to its clients have an equivalent policy or agree to follow this policy.


All TGD employees, vendors, contractors, consultants and other business partners are expected to read, understand and adhere to this policy and all related standards, guidelines and procedures.


If you have any queries or complaints about our Modern Slavery Policy please contact us at:

Level 6, 200 Adelaide St, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

[email protected]

Version 1. Approved Oct-22