CSIRO: Aus4Innovation

Innovation Program Design Research


Two women working in a manufacturing lab discusing a component behind laptop

The challenge

Man welding small electronic components

The Project

Partnering with CSIRO’s Aus4Innovation team together, we:

People sit at computers with code on the screen

The Result

From the rigorous desktop research and engagement with stakeholders of several innovation programs, a set of key program principles, learnings specific to innovation programs, as well as a set of pillars of success and indicators of risk were developed. These outputs will help drive the future design implementation of Aus4Innovation.

Programs assessed across...
Countries while engaging...
Stakeholders across the globe.
insights into international program design and implementation
pillars of success and 4 indicators of risk in innovation programs
insights into the 'uniqueness' of international innovation programs
innovation landscape model, including 5 categories of mutually beneficial program design

The Future

What we delivered

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