FRDC Systemic Issues & Opportunities


The Challange

Under the constraints of COVID-19 and in the pursuit of a new form of collaboration we engaged more deeply with stakeholders in the fishing and aquaculture community. Along with a new approach the FRDC anticipated being able to demonstrate decisive action following the conclusion of this project in order to build confidence in stakeholders that they have been heard and resources are being moved into place.

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The Project

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The Result

The generation of three key insights based on extensive Focus Group and Workshop interactions point to 1) the nature of fishing and aquaculture challenges, 2) the resultant need for FRDC systems and processes to manage a portfolio of complex challenges and 3) the opportunity to lift capabilities of participants enabling systems change leaders at the forefront of industry transformation.

Stakeholders Engaged
Challenges Identified
Initiatives to play out across
Focus Areas

The Future

What we delivered

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