14 October 2021

The Growth Drivers Score a Well-Deserved High-Five at The Australian Good Design Awards

TGD has been selected as the winner of the 2021 Design Institute of Australia Award!

The Design Institute of Australia Award recognises an Australian professional designer, design team or design company who has made a significant impact in the Australian Good Design Awards over the year. This Award was established by Good Design Australia and the Design Institute of Australia to recognise the role of professional design in projects submitted to the Australian Good Design Awards program.

“Congratulations to the team at The Growth Drivers and their clients for the incredible work submitted to this year’s Australian Good Design Awards. These Award-winning projects reflect the best of your diverse design talents in user-focussed, collaborative and impact-centred design. To also be recognised with the Design Institute of Australia Award, reaffirms your team’s passion and commitment to driving positive change through professional design. Well done.” — Dr Brandon Gien, CEO, Good Design Australia

Good Design Awards celebrate innovative design projects from around the world in all areas of design, architecture, engineering, research and social innovation. TGD, working with clients including NSW Department of Primary Industries, Dairy Australia, Hort Innovation, Australian Mushroom Growers Association, and the University of Newcastle, were recognised for their innovative design impact across the categories of Service Design, Social Impact, Design Strategy and Next Gen: Product Design.

“We are on a journey to build a highly recognisable company that does things differently - and DIA's recognition by way of this award serves to fuel our mission.” said Dr Scott Needham, Managing Director of TGD. “We are fortunate to have an ever-expanding group of inspired and passionate employees who aren’t satisfied by ‘just’ delivering reports, but are absolutely committed to working with our clients to help them achieve their ‘growth’.

Being recognised by the Good Design Awards for five projects, two of which were awarded Gold, is confirmation of the meaningful impact and enduring value that TGD help their clients achieve every day.

“The Good Design Awards are the preeminent awards for recognising design excellence. I'm really proud of our team and the work we have done with these incredible clients and partners.”
“That we deeply care about making an impact by delivering a result, not just writing an interesting strategy and moving on to the next project is what makes us different; our clients’ problem becomes our problems, and we work hard to deliver a result that helps them achieve the growth they are after. We bring talent, capability and passion together to work together on clients’ causes.” — Dr Scott Needham, Managing director, TGD

The five awarded projects reflect the vast knowledge and expertise employed by The Growth Drivers to achieve workable solutions for clients across various sectors and industries.

TLCMap (Time Layered Cultural Map) – GOLD winner
Education Services

A redesigned humanities research platform to improve user experience and broaden its user-base. TLCMap delivers powerful tools that save researchers’ time and expense in data collection and analysis, increasing their capacity to create impact and share research with the community.

GATE 2020 – GOLD winner
Design Strategy

Reviewing, refreshing and delivering the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Global Ag-Tech Ecosystem (GATE) incubator program, which is designed to fast-track the adoption of agricultural research and development and increase productivity.

Mushroom Strategy
Commercial Services

A strategy for Australian mushroom growers to transform waste into worth, increasing profits and minimising contribution to landfills by creating a bespoke toolbox featuring four validated solutions to be adopted by growers.

Dairy Australia: Elevating Environmental Practices On Dairy Farms
Social Impact

A collaboration with Dairy Australia to improve environmental practices on Australian farms using blended user-centred design and a model of behaviour change to support dairy farmers in strengthening their on-farm environmental practices.

Next Gen: Product Design

A medicinal cannabis delivery system, allowing chemotherapy patients to safely self-administer a correctly measured dose of CBD oil tincture to relieve debilitating chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting and improve their quality of life.

TGD partners with amazing individuals with external specialists to create solutions for complex problems, empowering businesses by delivering projects with enduring value and meaningful impact.

The Australian Good Design Awards Week ran 11-15 October 2021


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