03 March 2022

Meet Ky Snyder, one of our latest and greatest managers

Born and raised in Melbourne, Ky Snyder is one of The Growth Drivers newest team members, coming onboard in late 2021. In this short span of time, he’s grown to love the diversity of the role, and is already solid on the fact that it’s one of his career highlights.


Having attended RMIT University in Melbourne to complete a Bachelor of Design (Industrial), Ky graduated in 2010 before pursuing an exciting career that spanned several design realms. From working on architectural installations to digital and physical products. Ky has always been focused on delivering sustained value to clients and beneficiaries. Whilst his career has had several highlights his fondest memories are of the brilliant minds who have worked alongside him to bring various ideas to life, citing their unique perspectives and wisdom as a key to his own personal growth.

In 2014, he joined Darkon, an architectural luminaire manufacturer, as a Project Coordinator, levelling up to work as a Senior Design Engineer a year later. A diverse role that saw Ky involved in the development and implementation of several architectural luminaires, the development of luminaire digital twins for use in building information modelling and was involved in several lighting installation projects – including the Flinders Street station revitalisation project.

Aside from his time working with Darkon, Ky also took on other roles within the Architecture & Design sector. This saw him lead the sales and marketing team at Mondoluce, developing and managing their product portfolios. Following this, with Sculptform as Business Development Manager, which saw him liaising with architects, property developers and builders in design, fabrication and installation of modular architectural features.

3 D Render Ky

During his time at Darkon, Ky returned to the world of study to begin a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) at Swinburne University of Technology. With a sense that right opportunities to grow and learn in the direction he wanted were unlikely to present, Ky directed his focus to developing his business acumen to complement his experience in design. For Ky, the MEI program appealed as it focused on driving change and impact through business, and not simply maintaining the status quo. Ky firmly believes that this course was one of the best things he’s ever done.

Catalysed by studying, Ky began a process of discovery to uncover the right career path that both suited his abilities in design and interests in sustainability, systems thinking and social impact. This search eventually led him to The Growth Drivers, where Ky feels blessed to be able to work in a role that aligns with his values and interests whilst providing rich opportunity for learning and growth.

Fond of working with The Growth Drivers for a myriad of reasons, Ky especially loves the diversity of challenges, and opportunities for delivering meaningful impact. He also feels at home in workplace culture and a sense of honor to be working alongside brilliant minds that hold unique perspectives. Though he’s only been with the team for a short time, Ky has enjoyed working on every project he’s been placed on so far, and is thrilled to be involved with whatever is coming next.

Ky Rob Henry Kyle 2

As a strategic designer with TGD, Ky finds himself busy across a myriad of tasks including design research, system sense making, facilitation of co-design workshops and development of products, business models and other system interventions work. His work is always varied and Ky loves being kept on his toes. Viewing design as a ‘creative messy non-linear process’ for naivagting ambiguity, Ky finds comfort in the role as he feels its execution is well suited to his equal parts analytical and creative mind.

Ky believes that design is the only real effective way to address the wicked problems emerging in our world – as design entails action along with latitude to make mistakes and mid-course corrections - “it doesn't wait for the perfect plan (which doesn't exist)”. Drawn to making a difference with design, Ky is passionate about driving change, stemming from a ‘deep belief in humanity’, a desire to create a better world for his son and a passion to live in the active voice writing the script of his journey.

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