24 August 2022

Meet Julie, our neweset addition to the Operations Team

The Growth Drivers recently welcomed Julie, who will play a key role in supporting the Director of Operations, and being the primary port of call for day-to-day tasks among the broader TGD team. She performs a multitude of responsibilities within TGD to ensure the business runs smoothly, ranging from daily billing and budget control, to attending to any operational requests.

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Julie joined The Growth Drivers in May 2022, bringing valuable global industry experience with her. Julie’s previous roles ranged from working as an instructor at an educational institution in the Philippines, to an executive assistant at an Electrical Engineering company in Singapore for 7 years, where she managed project requirements, reports and licenses. In addition to these operational positions, Julie brings her experiences from working in the hospitality industry to TGD, bringing a warm and pleasant demeanor to her interactions with clients and colleagues, making her an excellent fit for the TGD team.

Following her family’s move to Australia in 2017, Julie looked to join a company that would allow flexibility in work arrangements, while offering growth opportunities and cultural inclusion. A warm conversation during the interview process, and continuous support during the onboarding, meant Julie had an “overwhelmingly good experience” and knew TGD was the right place for her from the beginning.

“The culture amongst the team members is impressive despite the long distances from each other.”

Acting as an easy link between operations and the broader team, Julie takes pride and happiness in every big and small assistance she renders in the business, bringing clear and pleasant communication, unique considerations and an eye for detail to all of her tasks. In addition to supporting the team’s needs, Julie also supports the strategies developed by the Operations Director, maintaining and implementing them in a passionate way.

“I take each day as an opportunity to improve and learn something new, impacting people even in the tiniest bit is a success.”

Upon joining the team, Julie recognised a strong close-knit culture among the members of the business. Impressed with each team member's expertise in their field, Julie is motivated to contribute in as many ways as she can to the business.

“You thrive when you are part of an upbeat, supportive environment that gets you ‘in the zone’. You need that so you can succeed.”

The team has embraced Julie’s positive impact since the day she joined, and her tireless work in supporting each of our team members is an invaluable part of TGD.

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