19 April 2023

Meet Abram, our newest business strategist for the Government sector

TGD is excited to welcome one of our newest Canberra team members Abram El-Sabagh.

Starting at TGD 3 months ago, Abram has had an impactful career working across government sectors and for the likes of Accenture, DXC and IBM. Part of his work with these organisations was improving technology to help connect people, find them jobs, and assist with mental health.

He is also the founder of Design for Impact.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Software Engineering and Commerce, Abram cites his “appetite for change” as the main driver for pursuing a career in design.

He also enjoys the opportunity to work on a complex range of challenges across various stakeholders and sectors.

Abram’s attraction to TGD was its team culture and the knowledge that TGD would be able to see an idea through to implementation.

He says that during the initial stages of his career he was involved in designing many interesting strategies, but that it was rare for these to be implemented. As a result, he spent the next part of his career examining why these strategies were not being executed.

Abram is passionate about looking at ways to measure impact, which is why his new role as Director of Government at TGD is so fitting.

According to Abram, ‘’government projects are often complex with many hurdles, and these sectors often don’t know what their return on investment is in terms of the impact on the community.’’

He wants to look back in 5 years and see the change he has made in this space.

We look forward to seeing what you achieve Abram!

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