14 December 2022

2022 Wrap Up

2022 has been a transformative year at TDG. We have partnered with ambitious leaders from around the world, and transformed complex issues into positive impact. From unifying a segmented water market in the basin to improving food safety adoption through better communication, we have turned insight into action.

As we look back through our projects in 2022, our team has transformed obstacles and opportunities into impact that lasts. Our Co-Founder and Partner, Scott Needham, recently reflected on collaboration, connection and creative thinking and how 2022 was a year which redefined our thinking.

"Tackling big problems head-on is a TGD specialty, and our team has embraced this challenge throughout 2022. Inspired to act with impact, our team has been empowered to:
  • Discover ways of future-proofing Australia's electronic identification (eID) tagging system of livestock.
  • Help tackle plastic pollution in Indonesia through the creation of the Plastics Innovation Hub Indonesia, a platform connecting experts, researchers, innovators, NGOs and investors from around the world
  • Redesign the future through social architecture by co-designing new ways to share data, supporting national disaster risk reduction resilience-building activities

Plus many other exciting projects. Overall, 2022 has solidified our belief in collaboration, connection and creative thinking and we are looking forward to the many ways we can impact our world in 2023.”

And lastly, our people drive our projects forward. And our teams have made 2022 one to remember. As we wrap up 2022, we want to take the opportunity to thank our entire team of talented people who help transform obstacles and opportunities into impact that lasts.

Together, we are The Growth Drivers - your problem-solving powerhouse.

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