04 May 2022

Meet Henry Pipe, our Director of Operations

As our experienced Director of Operations, Henry works across the company’s Finance and Human Resource Departments to add long-term value to The Growth Drivers. Based in Naarm (Melbourne), Henry delivers practical and ever-evolving solutions as he engages with our team and cultural values to enhance the company’s structures, frameworks and systems.


Currently the only employee in the operations team, Henry has a multitude of responsibilities within TGD and focuses on everything from company strategy to accounting. Elevating a first-principles approach, he carries out a lot of behind-the-scenes work to optimise and facilitate intuitive tools and processes to support employees as they deliver greater impact in their project work. Henry spends his weekdays combining reacting to issues raised by the team with longer-term strategic thinking, solving problems, actively engaging in feedback, improving processes and developing financial strategies.

Joining The Growth Drivers in November 2021, Henry came into the team with a variety of valuable industry experience behind him. Spending 18 years working for a British building and design firm, Max Fordham LLP, Henry occupied many positions including Senior Partner and Head of Finance & Legal. Throughout his career in the UK, Henry implemented sustainable financial strategies, undertook key leadership roles and enhanced organisational cultures to promote employee engagement, inclusivity and diversity.

Following his move to Australia in 2021, Henry was seeking a position that would allow integrated, across-business involvement as well as provide an apt cultural fit. Ticking these boxes, it was an easy decision to apply to The Growth Drivers when an opening stood out to him. Prompted by the diversity of focus and collaborative, welcoming nature of his co-workers, Henry has quickly become an embedded and valued part of the team.

Finding great satisfaction in simple, elegant systems that frame company work, Henry enjoys packaging, delivering and implementing solutions that make people’s everyday lives easier. He loves to see the instantaneous differences that simple changes can make for his co-workers, and in turn, keep the cogs behind The Growth Drivers’ ecosystem running harmoniously.

Making improvements designed to last and grow with the company, Henry implements policy and system developments through a forward-thinking lens. Evolving existing frameworks to complement company growth, he works on upscaling systems and structures to fit the needs of teams and team members amidst constant cycles of new projects. Rather than just improving a system from bad to neutral, Henry seeks ways to make systems good, scalable and sustainable for both the present and future of TGD.

Breaking away from inefficient, “we’ve always done it this way” management styles, Henry strives to create intuitive and easy-to-use systems that clearly add value to everyday processes. He cites the importance of active engagement and feedback loops with the team when it comes to delivering these benefits, placing great value on the open, constructive communication prevalent at TGD. Henry appreciates that his team members aren’t afraid to say “here are some ways that we could make this better,” offering collaborative insights into the working applications of underlying company structures.

Upon joining the team, Henry recognised a strong company culture, bolstered by a small, self-motivated team. As the Director of Operations, he views his role as a custodian of that holistic culture, in which he aims to design systems that protect, preserve and perpetuate such core shared values amidst TGD’s advancing growth. Striving to enhance the culture, and not lose it, Henry often turns to overarching company ethos and team engagements for new solutions.

At the heart of Henry’s work lies a people-first mentality. Regarding one of his main responsibilities as making sure people feel valued, respected, listened to and supported at TGD, he believes that a healthy work environment should never be taken for granted. Taking the view that the most effective systems and processes are intuitive, he aims for company structures and policies to fade into the background. That is, they are logical, natural and align with collective values. And, through implementing self-fulfilling, self-reinforcing and sustainable structures, Henry aims to facilitate a workplace culture that employees want to share, build upon and remain amongst.

As he reimagines structures, enhances systems and highlights sustainable workplace practices, Henry continues to amplify the company’s culture and values through intuitive improvements. Expressing anticipation for the upcoming growth of the operations team, Henry looks forward to finding new ways to develop and support The Growth Drivers through their increasing project work.

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