13 July 2022

Meet Cayetana Martinez, one of our Practice Leads

Cayetana Martinez joined The Growth Drivers as a Senior Manager, responsible for overseeing new and existing projects and leveraging her experience, network and skill-set to mentor purpose-driven organisations. Shortly after, Cayetana took the role of Innovation Practice Lead, leading the strategy and pipeline of the unit.

Cayetana hero2

Over the past decade, Cayetana has been heavily involved in managing and curating academic entrepreneurship programs at multiple universities. As well as working as a sessional lecturer, Cayetana has worked closely with agile, for-purpose start-ups and students to achieve a triple bottom line approach to business (prioritising people, profit and planet).

Cayetana's professional and life experiences span far and wide. Her academic career began with studies in Philosophy in Spain which elevated her inquisitive nature. Part of her education explored systems thinking and the mechanisms around people, language, and our relationship with the world – an area of study which enabled her to further her understanding of the relationship between reality and language, as well as the complexities of mental models.

Cayetana has worked managing and assisting with entrepreneurial courses and incubator programs at multiple prestigious universities across Australia, including The University of Sydney, Griffith and Queensland University. In Cayetana’s most recent position at UQ, Cayetana worked as the Entrepreneurship Senior Program Developer. She has trained as an agile business coach and works with startups and researchers to develop innovative, lean processes that deliver value and motivate teams.

These experiences have helped Cayetana to consolidate a high-level approach to strategy and communication, ultimately allowing her to help clients, teams, and business owners to open up to creative solutions for significant positive impact.

Cayetana is passionate about the intersection of diversity and innovation, and how we can create frameworks and tools that deliver and capture value across the board.

With a shared vision for a more sustainable future, Cayetana makes a perfectly aligned addition to TDG’s open, diverse, collaborative team.

When she’s not at work, Cayetana stays entertained with standup comedy and podcasts – and even hops on the other end from time to time.

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